Merging and Managing Technology

VSAT Training & Certification Programs

Staff your VSAT services with highly-trained personnel. TCLI of New York, provides VSAT training and certification programs.

Enriching Training Programs

Our satellite communication and VSAT training programs are customized for your specific system equipment, design, and operation. We are well-versed in many types of equipment, and possess the technology and resources to quickly master any new or updated equipment, to ensure effective satellite communications and VSAT training.

Our training programs thoroughly prepare your employees to effectively use your existing or new satellite system or network. TCLI president and CEO, Edward C. LaPasota, a Certified Global VSAT Forum (GVF) instructor, personally teaches these training programs.


Examination & Certification

The final part of our GVF VSAT Installer Certification Program features a Hands On Skills Test (HOST), which successfully determines if a student is qualified to perform the duties of a VSAT installer. We also test and evaluate students' knowledge of the online courses.

Upon completion and instructor's acceptance of the HOST evaluation, the student becomes a Certified VSAT Installer and is added to the GVF Certified Installer Database.

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