Merging and Managing Technology

Systems Engineering Services

Optimize your company's satellite communication with systems engineering and VSAT services from TCLI of New York. TCLI provides services to support your business objectives using proven program management and IT work resources. VSAT training and certification programs are included in our services.

We provide high-quality systems that meet both the business and technical needs of our clients. To accomplish this, we cover all aspects of systems security, network management, and network monitoring in our systems engineering services.

We Follow 7 Easy Steps in Providing Systems Engineering Services:

• State the Need
• Investigate Alternatives
• Model or Design the System
• Integrate the System

• Test the System
• Assess Performance (With Customer's Approval)
• Re-evaluate


VSAT Services

VSAT terminals are an effective solution for disaster recovery, limited bandwidth, uplink and downlink earth stations, and communications on the move. TCLI provides VSAT terminals that fit any size application and budget.

Our VSAT Division has over 20 years of experience in VSAT and satellite communication engineering. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of VSAT training for home and business users, with an emphasis on ease-of-use and fast, reliable installations.

Our VSAT Services and Terminals Include (but Are Not Limited to):

• Transmit and Receive
• Ku-Band
• Ka-Band
• C-Band

• .66-meter to 6-meter Antenna Systems
• Global Coverage from Satellite Providers
• Uplink and Downlink Monitoring
• Technical Support Services

• Permanent Installations
• Fly-Away and Quick Deploy Satellite Systems
• iDirect Network Support Services
• COTM (Communications On The Move)

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